Erase the Mary Poppins "Superfragilistic" tune from your mind, and think of the Lupercalia festival.  The what?  Lupercalia was the name of the pagan ceremony that preceded Valentine's Day when the Christians rechristened the date to suit their Christian calendar.

Before morals stifled the original Lupercalia festival, the Romans celebrated the event with men sacrificing a dog and a goat, then whipped the women (with the hides of the animals they had just slain) to render them fertile.  It was an orgy of nudity, sadomasochism and drunkenness.  Yikes!

Thank Goodness, a few centuries of civilization prevailed and now we have substituted our sedate and romantic Valentine's Day celebration.  Ladies can now expect chocolates, roses, and a bottle of champagne instead of a spanking. 

But, hey, you can still be a bit naughty.  After all, we might not be heathens but we don't have to all be angels.  

Therefore, we invite you to celebrate (respectfully and sanely) the original intent with our Wicked Panties. 

They're Lupercalia hedonistic, explicit and audicious.  Dum dee dee, dum dee dee da.

Be a peeping Tom...Take a peek at our Wicked Panties.


Mystery Revealed - How to Lose 10 pounds with 1 Simple Step!

Recently, the designers and merchandisers of the lingerie world met at Curve NY, the annual industry show in New York.  It may be a little less “A-list” than the celebrated New York fashion week, but at least the garments on display will actually make it onto the bodies of “real” people.

It was at this event that Frances was accosted by a man with a thick European accent who appeared out of nowhere and blurted out:
“Fuschia! Frances, I don’t like fuschia!”  
When a German man pronounces the “sch” like a “k” it takes on a whole different meaning.
“What did you say?” we heard Frances retort - we all thought he had said something a rude.
“I don’t want pink or rose or coral, I want black. Schwartz, schwartz!”  His tongue rolled the “r” erotically as if he was delivering himself to a sybaritic ritual.  Apparently, he liked Frances’ lingerie to feature more pieces in black.  He seemed ready to place an order for “50 shapes of black”. 
Black. What is the significance of black in fashion? It communicates sophistication and excellence. In lingerie, it is indeed the color of seduction. However...

Mystery Revealed - Stop Wearing Black & Appear 10 pounds Lighter!

Don't wear black! It's a myth that black is slimming. Surprised? I bet you are. Actually, black creates the perception of heaviness because it is the densest of colors and doesn't reflect any wavelength of light. 

Just take a look at these two objects. Which appears heavier? 


The darker box actually appears heavier. (They're both the same size.)

You are now staring with disbelief, especially if you're a New Yorker. It's well known that New Yorkers rarely wear any other color, hence their designation as PIBs. 

PIBs are notorious Dressing-on-the-Side, Burger-sans-the-Bun, Skim-Milk-Latte sorts of people. Ironic to the Nth degree, therefore, that the color black actually makes you look heavier. 

So, we advise that you eschew the black because, even though it does create a perception of seriousness, it also makes you look 10 pounds heavier! Which makes you feel less confident.

If you look 10 pounds lighter, you will feel more confident. And with beach season coming up, you'll definitely want to get a tan with your new found svelte silhouette! And after the beach,  you will want to slip into something sexy. Like Frances Smily's Vixen line, launched primarily in coral, pink and, yes, fuschia Which, by the way, looks fabulous with a tan!

Of course, certain pieces of Frances Smily Lingerie are also available in black, black as the night. But since you'll be wearing them in the dark, it won't matter if you look a little heavier!

Do You Like Your Knickers Manhandled Before You Wear Them?

The dubious advantage of buying your intimates from one of the large chain stores, is that they certainly have traveled through a long supply chain all over the world before they reach you.  So your intimates are not so intimate anymore.  

Some women may like that their underwear has circumnavigated the world.  But most want to know that what they are wearing hasn’t passed through more hands than a used one dollar bill.  After all, if we all wanted our clothing to have jet lag, we’d all wear those germ-infested, acrylic blue blankets they give you on red-eye flights! 

"Darling, you dont want to know how often my nightwear has crossed the dateline!"
At Frances Smily Lingerie, we make, we ship, you wear.   
Your thong is fresh, your chemise is sparkling, your panties pristine, your baby doll immature.

The silk is virginal and the lace unblemished.  No frequent flyer miles, sorry.

We believe that what you put against your skin shouldn’t have been in the public domain.

But once on, in the privacy of your boudoir, we decline all responsibility for their condition after use!

Free Trial!


When dry skin is the enemy, fight back with sexiness

For those of us in temperate climates, this is the time of the year when any humidity seems to have been sucked out of the atmosphere.  It's not just your mouth that feels as dry as a camel, it's your whole body.  Your skin is as dry as a bone!  And these are the thirsty, raspy, flaky days of winter. 
Well, silk lingerie can help!

In, Elizabeth Shimer Bowers describes the seven surprising benefits of silk, and perhaps the most practical advantage is its ability to retain moisture on skin.  This makes the fabric not only sexy, but practical.  So avoid the skin dandruff syndrome and coddle yourself in silk.  Silk is natural, protective and a delight to the touch, both for the wearer and the person undressing don't want them comparing your epidermal layer to a hide...!

A silk sheer robe from Frances Smily Lingerie is a sexy solution to a winter-long dryness problem and a lot easier to wear than a humidifier!



Break the Glass Slipper!

New Year’s Resolution

It seems most New Year’s resolutions lists consist of doing more of something (more working out, more productivity) and fitting more activities into the same oversubscribed 24 hours that you did before the New Year. It's a self perpetuating cycle that we have to break ourselves, ladies - the prince is never going to arrive and whisk us away! Women have broken the glass ceiling, now it's time to break the glass slipper...

We, at Frances Smily, suggest doing less.  Do less and your mind and body will thank you.  

Here’s a radical suggestion for the New Year: take the time to leisurely soak in the bathtub, to pamper yourself with a favorite lotion and then to slip into a beloved piece of lingerie.  It is a convenient linguistic accident that the word “linger” is embedded in “lingerie”.  So, linger a little longer in the bathroom, take time to enjoy your body and be more selfish with your personal time.

As Michael Kors is quoted as saying, “I think the older I get, the more I realize that the ultimate luxury is time.”  Young or old, a piece of Frances Smily lingerie will help you linger longer and is the perfect antidote to the New Year overreaching resolution.


How to beat the Holiday Blues, FAST!

Is the thought of hauling out the boxes of old seasonal decor leaving you flat? Just can't get excited about running from store to store, exhausting yourself, to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones?

Is it too harsh to say it's because you're spending your hard-earned money on the same bunch of people who, frankly, wiped out your bank account all the other months of the year?

Yes, them. You know who I mean: the ones you gave, for free, a year's supply of toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, hand soap, band-aids, Q-tips, Scotch tape, printer ink (that's a big one - that stuff costs more than precious metal), a fully stocked fridge, endless pots of organic coffee with cream and sugar, internet, electricity, light bulbs....and "do you by chance have a stamp?" Yes, of course I do, because I went to the post office and bought them - they are in the drawer. Those people who got dinner every single night, and a sandwich-to-go for lunch, too, had laundry & house cleaning services, and a shoulder to cry on. All this amazing stuff you provided in exchange for some hugs.
Christmas ain't for sissies
And now, because you just aren't that excited that the Gift Giving Holidays are around the corner, they begin to resent you for spoiling all their fun with your selfish "Humbug" attitude! Then they ask you for some wrapping paper so they can gift wrap a present they bought for you with points on Amazon, and a scarf that someone else gave them which wasn't quite their taste so they have generously re-gifted to you.

Remedy! Shop for yourself first, you really deserve it! You don't believe me?  A little voice is saying, well that's selfish?  It's not!  Oprah says it this way:"Taking care of yourself so you can better care for others is an idea many women I talk to still can't embrace. But think of it in terms of the oxygen-mask theory: If you don't put on your mask first, you won't be able to save anyone else." 

So Oprah and I say - get out there an buy something absolutely stunning that you didn't buy all year long because you WERE so busy buying groceries (lugging them home, putting them away, and then later on cooking!), household necessities, paying bills...for everyone!
I swear, after you spend the first $500 on yourself - don't even wrap it up with a big bow, just put it in your closet or, even better, wear it immediately - you'll feel a lot better. That's a promise.

Then you can order the stuff on Amazon with points for everyone else.


Designer Lingerie in Plus Sizes - AKA Pleasingly Plump Sizes!


I had the pleasure of attending the Interfiliere NYC fabric show recently - held this time at the very accessible Altman Building on West 18th Street (where we used to have the Lingerie Show and I wish they would go back to having it there instead of the dreaded Javits Center - do you hear me, Curvexpo?).

And there a fabulous cocktail/networking hour at the end of the show, where I had chat with my friend, the ubiquitous Ted from Body Magazine, who has the inside beat on the lingerie world because he literally talks to EVERYONE in the business!

So when Ted says, the lingerie market needs PLUS SIZES, you have to believe that the lingerie market needs LUXURY LINGERIE IN PLUS SIZES.

Believe it or not, we already do plus sizing.- which I prefer to think of as Pleasingly Plump Sizing.

If you immediately see visions of silken tents, yards and yards of billowing fabric and lace, you couldn't be more wrong.

My collection has always focused on unstructured styling that accommodates a wide range of shapes, not trying to contain the female form in corsets and underwires, but enhance and flatter with color, laces and delightful details...


Every piece in the Frances Smily collection is hand made with the strictest attention to detail to maximize your beauty...SO whether you are a Skinny Minny or Pleasingly Plump...WE GOT YOU COVERED!