How to Make a Good Impression on the Boss.

The Job Interview Bra
By Stephanie Pollard

We all have our good bras. The one we wear on date night; the ones we wear to school, work, or out of the house; the one we spent too much money on, but realize was worth it when we put it on. Those bras are the ones that are either washed by hand or enshrined in the protection of the mesh laundry bag before tossing them into the uncharted waters of the machine. Our 'good bras' are given that label and special treatment because they make us feel as good as they (i.e. your breasts) look. So, what better time to feel good about what you're wearing-on the inside and outside-than your job interview?

Whether the post is for an entry-level, or career boosting position, first impressions move from a shout to a bellow in the half an hour you spend convincing the interviewer why you are perfect for the job. And nothing exudes (or limits) your qualifications more than what you're wearing; including your brassiere. Here are a few reminders on what the good bra should do for you on a job interview:

It should never, ever, show

This tip includes trying on your intended outfit the night before to see if your blouse is too shear, or if your good bra needs to be adjusted (or switched) to accommodate the needs of your outfit. recommends that the job interview bra be one that is contoured with underwires.

It should provide comfort

The good bra must love your breasts, not hurt them! Make sure they are supported (not squashed) and that the straps are tight enough to give lift but loose enough to leave your shoulders and back free of impressions. This tip makes sense for all occasion bras, but even more so when your focus needs to be on the opposed to your depleting blood circulation.

Go nude (in color)

Nude colored bras offer the most versatility for outfits, especially white shirts or dresses. also suggests wearing a white camisole over the nude bra to doubly ensure invisibility.

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