Ladies, It's Time to Burn Your Bras!

Set your Breasts Free By Aubri Galano 

Should you be wearing a bra? 
Green Prophet cites new research suggesting maybe you shouldn’t. Through a 15-year study, Professor Jean-Denis Rouillion found that women who went braless developed stronger supportive muscles, had firmer breasts, and less stretch marks. However, these results depended on age. For those who already started sagging, going braless didn’t reverse that.    
Hearing this, I don’t think the majority of young women will throw out their collection of breast supporters. I remember shopping for my first bra with my mom; it was my rite of passage; to me, it was a sign of my transition into womanhood.  
The braless debate brings to light the irony of how wearing a bra, to keep your breasts in place, weakens the muscles that naturally holds them up.    
Bras are part of our identity as women and we won’t stop wearing them anytime soon. But maybe it’s time to let our breasts breathe with a bralette. As the summer months approach, giving your girls a little more air, would be a nice option as the temperature rises. 
 Bralettes offer minimal support. Therefore, not an ideal option for larger breasted women, but for those of us with small to medium breasts a bralette is a wonderful break from the restrictions of a bra.      
A bralette is also the perfect tag along for a summer vacation or a gift for a bride at a bridal shower.  
You can buy a bralette designed by Frances Smily that will provide plenty of moral support at least!