How to have an affair....

Someone once said  "Marriage is a man's way of making it illegal for you to have sex with someone else".

Let's be honest - the thought occasionally flickers across your mind that if you have to hear your mate slurp a cup of coffee in THAT particular manner again, you will scream...and once in a blue moon, you imagine what it would be like to run through a field of flowers toward a handsome suitor.  But what happens when suddenly, after months of flirting with your co-worker, you get it into your head that you want to embark upon the frowned upon - an affair?  In such a case, your choice of undergarments will be very important...

 The Innocent Flirtation

 The Accidental Pen Drop

The Happy Hour

 The Impulsive Xerox Encounter

 The Weekender

Note: with the right touch, you can also turn your current relationship into a romance!