5 Step Program to Act More Like a Lady (and He'll Become More of a Gentleman)...

#1 Female Complaint: "My man doesn't treat me like a lady..."

You know you hate it when your guy acts like a ....GUY!  He belches & curses and routinely leaves his boxers draped over your antique vanity. - and worse. Lets not even get to the issue that he never opens the door for you, and sometimes lets you carry the heavier bag of groceries, and even stares openly at other girls.  I could go on, but we don't want to become depressed here reminding ourselves of all the painful details...

LADIES, have you stopped to consider that you might be the root of your own troubles.  Stop complaining about him for a minute and look at yourself in the mirror!  When was the last time you honestly say that you look like this in the bedroom? 

Have you become this?

You want him to change?  You have to change!  You have to reclaim your femininity!  You deserve to wear feminine and sensual clothing ALL the time, not just out on Friday nights.

Let's start small. 
Step 1: Tomorrow, when you get up in the morning, locate your hairbrush, drag it through the bed-head, & tie a little bow in your hair.

Step 2: I'm not saying to give up comfort entirely but do you ALWAYS have to wear the fuzzy pink robe your mom gave you in college?  It's okay when you're watching re-runs of "Bones" or the boiler has shut off, but once in a blue moon, try a silky something...

 aqua silk wrap robe

Step 3: Rethink your sweat pants theme and think "satin boy shorts" - at least for Friday nights.

 white ruffled silk baby doll

Step 4: Wear a little silk & lace camisole under your cardigan & let a bit of the lace peep out. You will be amazed at the positive effect it has on your outlook - and on anyone looking in...

 classic silk camisole
Step 5: "Le Boyfriend" Pajama is a nice way to bridge the gap between your old baggy t-shirt and a frilly negligee...

Boyfriend pajama
Of course you don't want to change for him - you change for yourself, to get yourself out of a slump, because you're ready for a change.  But the guaranteed result: your guy will start bringing you flowers, he'll start romancing you again, and maybe even let you hold the remote control!