Making your initial foray into the world of Lingerie might be intimidating - on one end, expensive bra boutiques with owners offering to specially hand "fit" your boobs into the right sized European bra!  In the middle of the spectrum, department stores with racks & racks of underwear & robes just waiting to be sent back to the manufacturer at the end of the season.  Next in line, of course, the ubiquitous Victoria's Secret with their mass produced "sexy" and badly fitting poly-satin play clothes.  And at the bottom end, the discounters with the leftover and haphazard collection of off-priced stuff.

So do you cling to your well worn undergarments and hope you get the chance to undress in the dark, should a romantic occasion arise? Probably. 

But here's the good news!  Lingerie for the shy doesn't have to be limited to your badly fitting brassiere or a stretch lace thong in neon yellow.

Thanks to the last 4 decades at least of fashion icons, you can freely enjoy wearing lingerie in a way that doesn't involve dressing yourself up as a pole dancer, or exposing that particular part of your thighs you're self conscious about!... and here are 4 of my favorite examples of creative ways girls have been wearing lingerie designed by Frances Smily (me!).... 

1. HOW TO WEAR A KIMONO (and a baby doll) as styled and worn by Megan Desmond, Melborne's unique fashionista, model, & stylist!

2. HOW TO WEAR A BABY DOLL (as famously worn by Nicole Richie on Malibu Beach)


3. HOW TO WEAR A BED JACKET (brilliantly styled & worn by Megan Desmond)

4. HOW TO WEAR A CAMISOLE ( as worn by Nicole Richie - little mink bolero not required, but adorable!)