Wedding Cakes & Lingerie Inspirations

Have your lingerie and eat it, too!


I just returned from a trip to Vancouver, Canada and not only did I enjoy some beautiful sunny weather, as well as some superb sunsets over English Bay, I was able to visit with some inspirational West Coast designers creating some amazing effects.

Dalana Fleming, at The Cake & the Giraffe, loves cascading ruffles, rosettes, frills & ribbons as much as I do....but makes them out of fondant icing!  If you are planning an event (or just suffering from a serious sweet tooth) she will custom design your cake to match your lingerie - her cakes are not only exquisite, but delicious, too. 

The Cake & the Giraffe

Besides working all hours of the day and night on custom cakes, Dalana can be found every Friday evening at the Twilight market at the Lonsdale Shipyards, selling outrageously flavored cupcakes (try the 'French Canadian': a Vanilla cupcake, maple buttercream and bacon bits, or the 'Curried Mango': a Garam Masala cupcake with curried mango butter cream!), or her newly added (and to-die-for)  gourmet ice cream sandwiches, brownies, blondies...and more!

 If you are worried about calories, Dalana also makes mini-cupcakes which will provide you with the same explosive flavor treat, just on a small scale. Then you can have 2 without feeling guilty!

By the way, this is just as sweet as sugar and not a bit fattening! You can custom order this chiffon Baby Doll and little Bolero Jacket from Frances Smily Lingerie.