You asked "What's new in the world of Lingerie?"

 the answer...BED JACKETS!
When you got up this morning, rummaging half asleep through your underwear drawer (or tearing through it, if you already pumped yourself full of caffeine), you probably asked yourself "What's new in the world of lingerie?"  No? Well, anyway, I did - because that's the life of a lingerie designer, forever tangled up (mentally AND physically) in tiny pieces of lace & ribbon & silk...


Bed Jackets are a wonderful item that can be overlooked when locked into the typical box of thinking of lingerie as only bras and panties, and the occasional bold foray into slips.  OH BED JACKETS! You can wear them with fabulous effect, as sensual nightwear...light a candle and spray a little perfume on your sheets, open a bottle of champagne, slip on a tiny bolero bed jacket and let the romance begin.

 But I hate to relegate something so enticing to only the bedroom and I recommend the wearing of a bed jacket in place of a cardigan or sweater...

Simplicity and style.  You can have them both!  The little black silk & lace bed jacket - it's available to purchase below.  Amazing.