Take the test. Do you know how to do the Modern Vintage Look

True or false. Not all vintage looks are created equal...



answer....True!  There is good vintage and bad vintage.

You know the bad vintage effect right away when you see it - it's that confusing costume-y look that comes from overdoing the cats' eye glasses, Bakelite bangles, barrettes, bows and polka dots - in other words, excess. The worst possible vintage is the one that smells funky (make sure you dry clean your vintage find before wearing it), sometimes with a dash of  moth balls and rose perfume thrown in...if you have ever been to the opera and been seated beside one of those, you know right away what I mean. 


Below left is Megan (my muse) looking chic in Frances Smily Lingerie, wearing an ethereal chiffon bed jacket in light blue chiffon, and a pewter gray satin camisole with hand-dyed Chantilly lace - paired with a modern mini, it creates a romantic look that doesn't scream "camp" or look dated.  Below right, Lady Gaga, doing what she does best - looking odd.  Note: ladies, you can't make bad vintage look good by just throwing some skin into the mix.

 silver chiffon cardigan with lace


Question. Are there girls who love vintage too much?

Yes.  But are you one of them? The test is this...if every item in your wardrobe is from another decade and in your mind you look like the ladies below...

 Double check with friends, family, or even a mirror.  Because to others, you may like this. 

True or False? Brooches are hard to pull off.

True. You can take a little bit from each decade and mix it in with your modern day wardrobe but some things haven´t made it back into the fashion stream.  Brooches are hard to pull of these days...but if you have a wonderful collection inherited from Granny and can't go another day without wearing it, please don't pin it under your collar!  

But you may get away with pinning on to your jean jacket! 

The Hippy look is the easiest to pull off, but once again steer clear of piling too much on - even if you buy it all brand new from Free People! Cute stuff, but a little goes a long way.  Too many fringed bags, crocheted pullovers, tooled leather belts, embroidered gypsy shawls, and you´ll look like you piled out of Volkswagon bus.

By the way, for the girls who love to sew, here is a pretty great website where you can buy vintage sewing patterns.  Check it out!

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