# 1 Best Thing to do in NYC When it Rains

Now you can love Rain - thanks to "Ame Ame".


As the saying only takes 20 years to become an overnight success. I'm talking about the Nomad area in Manhattan.  (For the curious, that is the acronym for "North of Madison Square Park - which, to be accurate, should really be named "Nomap" but obviously that doesn't have the same compelling effect as the name "Nomad" which clearly invokes the image of lonely hipsters willing to go where no man/woman has gone before.)

Before, it was a wasteland - a neglected, no-name area wedged along Broadway between Macy's and the Flatiron district with all the expensive lofts and nice big brand stores of Fifth Avenue to the south, and the cozy brownstone buildings, and nice eateries of Chelsea to the west.  In the daytime; it was a hub for of all kinds of illegal counterfeit trading (Gucci, Coach, Hermes hand bags, anyone?). At night, dark, grimy, and none to safe to walk through.

All that changed when the Ace Hotel came to town. Now Nomad has it all: hip hotels, Gastro pubs, oyster bars & kale salad bars, eccentric night clubs with a canine doorman, and no-sandwich-shall-ever-be-dull-again sub shops, French boutique ..and - fitting right into the mix - is the quirky candy/rain coats/cards/rubber boots & umbrella Emporium called AME AME.

And now selling lingerie by Frances Smily. A special boutique of lingerie inside the Ame Ame shop, right across from the Ace Hotel. 29th Street & Broadway.  Check it out.