The Lazy Girl's Way to Fix UADD (Underarm Dingle Dangle).

I have designed what is definitely is the fastest solution for that vexing problem of UADD (underarm dingle-dangle)...

This is a delicate subject for the ladies, and what is a girl to do when all the push-ups and inch worm exercising - that's the one where you start with touching your toes and then walk your hands down until you end up in plank position, tap each shoulder with the opposite hand, and then walk back up to the original toe touching position (whew!) - just isn't producing results?

Not to mention the other 98% of us who aren't doing any exercises at all (unless complaining qualifies as exercise). Lately, I've been reading on the forums that a lot of women find after dieting, alarmingly, that their underarms have become a bit flabby, and even become wrinkly! GAWD! Not the look one strives for after summoning the gods of Willpower and struggling through weeks or months of low fat, low carb menus.  It often seems to appear suddenly and everything I have read on the topic says that this is due to a loss of collagen...okay, it sounds probable, I guess. but I am not a doctor or scientist so I can't confirm or refute that analysis here!  But if true, all I want to know is - who stole my collagen and how do I get it back?

Some muscle toning technique such as building up the deltoids (shoulder muscles) as well as some work on the triceps could eventually firm things up - as long as you stick to it.   I'm working on that!  Also, vitamins, and lots of water, and adding back some of the fatty foods you just cut out to slim down. (So frustrating!)
But in the short term, what to do?  It's awfully discouraging and hard on the ego to go to all the effort of losing 20 pounds so you can fit into some cute styles and then winding up with a different problem which rules out wearing all those clothes you were dieting for.

Solution: I have designed many chiffon jackets over the years, just because I love them. I love the proportions and designing endless variations and combinations of lace and colors.  But recently I found that they also provide a real solution to an emergency problem!  Underarms rescue remedy!

Summertime weather is here and no way I could think of wear a long sleeved t-shirt.  Maybe a short sleeved top but that isn't a look I go for ordinarily.  I want to wear a slim-fitting tank top and Capri pants with a pair of strappy wedges - what on earth to do? Suddenly inspired, I pulled a little chiffon shrug off my sample rack.  It was the absolutely perfect go-to item!  I slipped it on and - VOILA! Underarm issue completely vanquished.

These little chiffon cardigans are so light and airy to wear, and uber flattering - a great Band aid on the problem of underarm dingle dangle.  In the meantime, I'm doing the push ups and so should you...but have a couple of these in your closet for back up.