When dry skin is the enemy, fight back with sexiness

For those of us in temperate climates, this is the time of the year when any humidity seems to have been sucked out of the atmosphere.  It's not just your mouth that feels as dry as a camel, it's your whole body.  Your skin is as dry as a bone!  And these are the thirsty, raspy, flaky days of winter. 
Well, silk lingerie can help!

In, Elizabeth Shimer Bowers describes the seven surprising benefits of silk, and perhaps the most practical advantage is its ability to retain moisture on skin.  This makes the fabric not only sexy, but practical.  So avoid the skin dandruff syndrome and coddle yourself in silk.  Silk is natural, protective and a delight to the touch, both for the wearer and the person undressing don't want them comparing your epidermal layer to a hide...!

A silk sheer robe from Frances Smily Lingerie is a sexy solution to a winter-long dryness problem and a lot easier to wear than a humidifier!