Mystery Revealed - How to Lose 10 pounds with 1 Simple Step!

Recently, the designers and merchandisers of the lingerie world met at Curve NY, the annual industry show in New York.  It may be a little less “A-list” than the celebrated New York fashion week, but at least the garments on display will actually make it onto the bodies of “real” people.

It was at this event that Frances was accosted by a man with a thick European accent who appeared out of nowhere and blurted out:
“Fuschia! Frances, I don’t like fuschia!”  
When a German man pronounces the “sch” like a “k” it takes on a whole different meaning.
“What did you say?” we heard Frances retort - we all thought he had said something a rude.
“I don’t want pink or rose or coral, I want black. Schwartz, schwartz!”  His tongue rolled the “r” erotically as if he was delivering himself to a sybaritic ritual.  Apparently, he liked Frances’ lingerie to feature more pieces in black.  He seemed ready to place an order for “50 shapes of black”. 
Black. What is the significance of black in fashion? It communicates sophistication and excellence. In lingerie, it is indeed the color of seduction. However...

Mystery Revealed - Stop Wearing Black & Appear 10 pounds Lighter!

Don't wear black! It's a myth that black is slimming. Surprised? I bet you are. Actually, black creates the perception of heaviness because it is the densest of colors and doesn't reflect any wavelength of light. 

Just take a look at these two objects. Which appears heavier? 


The darker box actually appears heavier. (They're both the same size.)

You are now staring with disbelief, especially if you're a New Yorker. It's well known that New Yorkers rarely wear any other color, hence their designation as PIBs. 

PIBs are notorious Dressing-on-the-Side, Burger-sans-the-Bun, Skim-Milk-Latte sorts of people. Ironic to the Nth degree, therefore, that the color black actually makes you look heavier. 

So, we advise that you eschew the black because, even though it does create a perception of seriousness, it also makes you look 10 pounds heavier! Which makes you feel less confident.

If you look 10 pounds lighter, you will feel more confident. And with beach season coming up, you'll definitely want to get a tan with your new found svelte silhouette! And after the beach,  you will want to slip into something sexy. Like Frances Smily's Vixen line, launched primarily in coral, pink and, yes, fuschia Which, by the way, looks fabulous with a tan!

Of course, certain pieces of Frances Smily Lingerie are also available in black, black as the night. But since you'll be wearing them in the dark, it won't matter if you look a little heavier!