Erase the Mary Poppins "Superfragilistic" tune from your mind, and think of the Lupercalia festival.  The what?  Lupercalia was the name of the pagan ceremony that preceded Valentine's Day when the Christians rechristened the date to suit their Christian calendar.

Before morals stifled the original Lupercalia festival, the Romans celebrated the event with men sacrificing a dog and a goat, then whipped the women (with the hides of the animals they had just slain) to render them fertile.  It was an orgy of nudity, sadomasochism and drunkenness.  Yikes!

Thank Goodness, a few centuries of civilization prevailed and now we have substituted our sedate and romantic Valentine's Day celebration.  Ladies can now expect chocolates, roses, and a bottle of champagne instead of a spanking. 

But, hey, you can still be a bit naughty.  After all, we might not be heathens but we don't have to all be angels.  

Therefore, we invite you to celebrate (respectfully and sanely) the original intent with our Wicked Panties. 

They're Lupercalia hedonistic, explicit and audicious.  Dum dee dee, dum dee dee da.

Be a peeping Tom...Take a peek at our Wicked Panties.